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Nederlands English
In the audio, you can hear a sample of the Zaan dialect. It is not widely spoken anymore.
A couple of years ago, a minister came to Wormerveer to preach.
He lived a long way away and Wormerveer was not in his neck of the woods, so in order to get to the church in time he chose to go there on a Saturday and spend the night. On the other side of the Zaan, there was a steam oil plant called The Love and there work continued night and day and on Saturdays too. It produced quite a bit of noise. Nonetheless, the minister slept soundly and the maid, who was a bit of a stunner, had a hard time getting him to wake up.
‘It’s eight o’ clock, sir,’ she said, as his small eyes peered at her from under the covers. He thought to himself: There have been worse ways in which to start the Day of the Lord. Nevertheless, he has been wondering for the rest of his life why this girl had to ask him ‘if he had been bothered by The Love at all’…
– This story, “Annekdote” comes from Klaas Woudt’s book “Deer hoor ik je” (I hear you!) –