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Rosariumpark – Vriendentuin

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In the video, Nora Swagerman speaks with great enthusiasm about this Garden of Friends.
In 2013, an enthusiastic group of neighbours, in association with ‘Transition Town Zaanstad’, started a communal kitchen garden in this park. The idea behind it is quite simple: you can take from it what you need, but you are also expected to bring something: some of your time to help maintain the garden.
The rather dull piece of grass was transformed into a small oasis, surrounded by a living wicker fence. The vegetable beds were raised to accommodate the elderly and a tiny food forest was added.
Children from the neighbourhood come to work in the garden every year and volunteers organise all sorts of activities: storytelling, kite making workshops, collective gardening days and even neighbourhood picknicks. The garden is not only there to produce food, but it also offers a meeting place for the young and old. Hence the benches. If you take a seat here, chances are you’ll soon be having some kind of friendly conversation.
An excellent opportunity to share a good story or two!