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The Peat Innovation Programm, initiated by the “Water, Land & Dijken” (Water, Land and Dykes) association of ecological farmers and Landschap Noord-Holland (North-Holland Landscape), the local conservationist foundation, endeavours to halt the dehydration of the peat meadows.
Using a practical approach, based on an economically sound structure for participating farmers, experiments in new ways of agriculture are carried out in this area.
Here in the polder Zuiderveen (South Moors), near the hamlet of Nauerna and right next to the big landfill, we find some trial fields around nature reserve De Braak (The Breach).

To the west, 30 acres are used for the cultivation of water loving crops such as azolla, sphagnum moss and cattail. These can be harvested and used as especially rich fodder, potting material for flowers and insulation in buildings respectively.
The 20 acres of pasture to the east of De Braak are provided with a presurized drain system, so the water levels in the soil are independent from those in teh surrounding ditches. This keeps thee feet of the cattle dry.